• Assignment 1: Here is our conundrum. We have a tank, but no pet. Mrs. Wiles has said if the students can convince her, she will buy the pet of their choice. Our lesson will take 3 class periods.

    • Day 1: we will read I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff and brainstorm a list of pets that can life in a 75 gallon tank. Discuss these ideas with your child(ren) at home. In fact if they want to Google search at home, they may.
    • Day 2: We will complete the worksheet using Pet Store websites. They will search the cost for their animal, cost money d start up supplies, cost to maintain, and how to take care of it.
    • Day 3: Letter writing. We will write our letters to Mrs. Wiles. I know the kids are excited! Let’s keep this excitement going!




    Sophie Armour wrote the winning letter. We are going on year 2 with our Library Pets: Chineese Dwarf Hamsters


    Our Library Pets


  • Lesson 2:

    For the next two weeks students will attend Media Orientation. We will focus on the rules and procedures for the Media Center as well as highlight our RED Program expectations and incentives! 

  • STEM and Fairy Tales


    Students at ECES will become Novel Engineers over the next 9 weeks. We will read Fairy Tales and design and create prototypes for items that will sove the problems of the main character. Some books in our study will include. 

    Day 1: Read Jack and the Beanstalk--What was Jack's problem?

    Day 2: Design and test  a prototype of an item that will solve Jack's problem.

    Day 3: Read The Giant and the Beanstalk--What is the Giant's problem?

    Day 4: Design and test a prototype of a item that will solve the Giant's problem. 

    Day 5: Writing: Choice Board:

               Option 1: Write an ending to one of the stories (include your solution).  

               Option 2: Write a letter to the Giant.

               Option 3: Write a letter to Jack.



  • Young American Poetry Digest


    This year our students participated in a writing contest. We focused on writing Haikus. We had four students from ECES to become published poets. 


    Young Poets

    L to R: Cooper West, Alyssa Brown, Kennedy Ray, Maiya Alcade