• Reading Rally- 2018

  • First 9 Weeks: Popcorn Social (Oct. 2018)


    ECES students had to earn 10 points to receive an invite to our Popcorn Social. We had 132 students to earn the Popcorn Social. 


    The following certifications were achieved in the first 9 weeks: 132 Eaglets (10 points) 12 Junior Ealges (20 points) and 1 Eagle (30 points) ! Congratulations guys! Don't forget ot #ReadEveryDay


  • 3rd 9 Weeks: Pete's Dragon (March, 2019)

  • Reading Rally 2019-2020

  • 2nd 9 Weeks- Winter Extravaganza (Dec. 2018)


    During the second 9 weeks, we had 202 students to read and earn 15 points to participate in our Winter Extravaganza. This was like a Winter Carnival. We had Sno Cones, Bingo, Snow Ball Fights, and other carnival type games. Students visited the Media center to meet our special guest-Santa!!!! He came all the way in from the North Pole to tell our students how pride he was that they continue to Read Every Day. 

  • End of Year Celebrations (2019)


    Zoo Atlanta (Gold Eagles)





    Reading Carnival 





    Reading T-Shirt