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    It is the mission of our Special Education Department to work cooperatively with families, students, colleagues, and other professionals to promote the success and well-being of our students with disabilities.  Our school district is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have access to a full continuum of services while being educated with nondisabled peers to the maximum extent possible.  While supporting our students in their academic pursuits, we aspire to narrow achievement gaps by ensuring equal access to the curriculum and differentiated instruction in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  

    Dr. Adam Kurtz - Director of Special Education



    Notice - Destruction of Records of Disabled Students


    The Elbert County School System, Department of Special Education, announces its intention to destroy specific data.  Records will be destroyed that were collected, maintained, or used in the provision of a free appropriate public education for disabled students through the age of 27 in Elbert County Schools.  

    Please be advised that the records may be needed by you for social security benefits or other purposes.

    If you wish to maintain this information for your personal records, please contact Student Support Services/Special Education at 706-213-4000.  Information is destroyed on June 30 of each school year.


    Records to be destroyed include:

    • Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

    • Evaluation Reports - Test Protocols

    • Notices of Action

    • Review of Existing Data Summaries

    • All other personally identifiable information within the Special Education file.


    If you, as the student or parents of the student, desire copies of these records prior to destruction, contact the Special Education Office at 706-213-4000.  You will be required to produce identification or provide verification data. 

    Please contact us at 706-213-4000 if you have questions or need information or resources.

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