2nd Grade

    Back Row (L to R): Mrs. Haylee Mayhue, Mrs. Mindy Black, Mrs. Blair Burdette, Mrs. Cassidy Sorrow, Miss Amelia Moon, & Mrs. Ginger Bowen

    Middle Row (L to R): Mrs. Porsha Hughes, Mrs. Janice Fleming, Mrs. Donna Kotal, Mrs. Jordan Massey, & Miss Kellie Oakley 


    Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Tracy Bennett & Miss Anissa McIntosh

  • Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


         Welcome to Second grade. Second grade is an exciting year of growth and change. Students are becoming more independent. Routines like working independently and cooperating with others in a group will become familiar.  The teachers expect students to read their library book nightly and take the quiz by themselves.

          In math this year, your second grader is learning to work with numbers with regrouping up to the hundreds place. Writing is a big focus this year, where they are not only writing complete sentences, but writing in depth paragraphs.

          The second grade instructors all have the same message they want you all to know:  Read Every Day!!!




    Second Grade Teachers


    Step into Second Grade