Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kathy Wood

I believe the Media Center is the hub of our school. As your media specialist, I aspire to serve you, our students, and our parents with any reading, instructional, and technological needs.
My mission as your media specialist is three part. First, I want to inspire our students to become lifelong readers who possess a love for books and a zeal for the adventures they will take them on. Second, I hope to provide teachers with the tools and resources necessary to provide instruction, and extend student learning with meaningful media lessons that are connected to the classroom content and grade level standards. Finally, my goal is to keep parents updated with what is going on in our school. In the media center, EVERYONE is welcome! I want EVERYONE to say, “I want to read there! I look forward to serving you all and can’t wait to hear about the books you read!
  • A.A. General Education
  • B.S. Early Childhood Education
  • M.S. General Psychology
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • I have completed everything but a dissertation in Counseling Psychology and everything but a dissertation in Teacher Leader. 
  • I am currently completing coursework for my Media Certification
  • 18 years completed
  • 4th grade (2001-2002)- 1 year
  • 5th grade (2002-2003) - 1 year
  • 2nd Grade (2003-2012) - 9 years
  • 4th Grade (2012-2015) - 3 years
  • 3rd Grade (2015-2018) 3 years
  • Media Center (2018-Present) 2 years
  • Who's Who Among American Teachers (2005)
  • Teacher of the Year (2014)
  • Teacher of the Year (2018)
  • Married to Mark Wood (26 years)
  • 3 Children-- Brian Smith (27 years old), Jody Wood (25 years old), Melissa Wood (23 years old)
  • 7 grand kids 
  • Both parents are ministers
  • 1 sister
Hobbies & Interesting Fact
  • I used to have a 1-eyed a dog (She passed away at 16 years of age.)
  • I love to sing and play the piano. (I play by ear.)
  • I love to read and write stories and poems.
  • I believe in music therapy and journal writing. 
  • I have 7 grand kids. (I got them all in 1 year).
  • I am a cancer survivor (12 years).
  • I attended 13 schools (Kindergarten through 12th grade).