Mrs. Whitney Jordan
  • Mrs. Whitney Jordan

  • Mission/Goals:

    Hello! My name is Whitney Jordan, and I am excited to be teaching art at ECES! Being an art teacher is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I have been teaching art for 7 years and I always look forward to seeing the creativity that comes out of my students as they learn to become artists themselves. I love introducing students to new ways to create art, artists from the past and present, as well as ideas to help them explore their own identities. Art helps us express ourselves, view the world from different perspectives, and ultimately makes life more interesting. My hope is that when students visit the art studio, they not only recognize themselves as artists as they create, but most of all that they have fun! By the end of their time in elementary school, I hope that students discover at least one type of art that excites them and sparks curiosity!



    Bachelor's Degree (Art Education) 2012, University of North Georgia

    Master's Degree (Art Education)2020, University of Nebraska