Melissa Brady
  • Mrs. Melissa Brady

RTI Coordinator

Pyramid of Intervention
  • Pyramid of Interventions – (also, Georgia Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions). It is a conceptual framework whose purpose is to enable all students in Georgia to make great gains in school. It is a graphic organizer that illustrates layers of increasingly intense instructional efforts that can be provided to students according to their individual needs and progress. *See image above.*


    Response to Intervention – Response to Intervention (RTI) is a practice of academic and/or behavioral interventions designed to provide early, effective assistance to underperforming students. Research-based interventions are implemented and frequent progress monitoring is conducted to assess student response and progress. The student’s response is used as feedback to more accurately target interventions. When students do not make progress, increasingly more individualized interventions are introduced.


    At Elbert County Elementary, we use I-Ready Screeners to help identify students who may benefit from academic interventions. These screeners are administered three times a year (Fall, Winter, & Spring). The data from I-Ready will indicate where your child is at academicaly in the subjects of math and reading. It will also give a Lexile level for him or her. After taking the screeners, the program will assign each child an instructional path.


    All students will complete instruction and assessments in I-Ready on a daily basis at Tier I. Students in Tier II will be required to complete 45 minutes of I-Ready each week (in the area(s) of his/her weakness). Students who receive Tier III interventions will complete bi-weekly Growth Monitoring assessments to monitor their response to the specific intervention. The Response to Intervention will be evaluated at each screener and interventions will be adjusted as needed. 


    You may contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Melissa Brady with any questions you have about your child's RTI plan.