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    Elbert County Elementary School



    Any parents or stakeholders may share suggestions concerning our Title 1 School Improvement Plan, Family-Parent Engagement Plan, and 1% Allocation of Federal Funds for Parental Involvement, and/or School-Parent Compact Brochure by contacting the school at (706) 213-4600 or email Mr. Huff or Mrs. Hart.

  • If any of the following documents need to be interpreted or translated, to the extent practicable, for parents to understand, please contact the Federal Programs Director at ffloyd@elbert.k12.ga.us or 706-213-4514:
    • District Parent and Family Engagement Plan
    • School Parent and Family Engagement Plan
    • School-Parent Compact
    Si cualquiera de los siguientes documentos necesitan ser interpretados o traducidos , 
    en la medida posible para que los padres puedan entender porfavor contacte al Director 
    del Programa Federal a ffloyd@elbert.k12.ga.us or 706-213-4514.
    • Plan de compromiso con el Distrito , Padres y Familia 
    • Plan de compromiso con la Escuela,  Padres y Familia 
    • Compacto entre Escuela y Padres

  • Dear Parents, 


    Please take a minute to review the slides prepared by Dr. Fran Floyd. As a Title I School, we are required to make you aware of:

    • What a Title I is.
    • How we spend Title I funds. 
    • The programs that are provided to each student through Title I funds. 
    • The Goals for the school and how are schools are working towards meeting those goals. 

    We hope you find this presentation very informative. Once again, if you have any questions, you may reach out to Mrs. Wiles. 


    Thank you for your continued support! 

    Title I Meeting 10.9.20


    Title I Annual Meeting | Lanier Primary School