• title 1

    Elbert County Elementary School



    Any parents or stakeholders may share suggestions concerning our Title 1 School Improvement Plan, Family-Parent Engagement Plan, and 1% Allocation of Federal Funds for Parental Involvement, and/or School-Parent Compact Brochure by contacting the school at (706) 213-4600 or email Mr. Huff or Mrs. Ray

  • If any of the following documents need to be interpreted or translated, to the extent practicable, for parents to understand, please contact the Federal Programs Director at ffloyd@elbert.k12.ga.us or 706-213-4514:
    • District Parent and Family Engagement Plan
    • School Parent and Family Engagement Plan
    • School-Parent Compact
    Si cualquiera de los siguientes documentos necesitan ser interpretados o traducidos , 
    en la medida posible para que los padres puedan entender porfavor contacte al Director 
    del Programa Federal a ffloyd@elbert.k12.ga.us or 706-213-4514.
    • Plan de compromiso con el Distrito , Padres y Familia 
    • Plan de compromiso con la Escuela,  Padres y Familia 
    • Compacto entre Escuela y Padres



    Title I Annual Meeting | Lanier Primary School