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ECCHS Rules Update for 2018-2019

Blue Devil Family,


In an effort to ensure that we maintain both our attention to instruction and the safety of our learning environment, the following rules will be enacted and monitored for academic year 2018-2019:


  1. Cell phones will only be allowed to be utilized before the 8:00 AM tardy bell, during 3rd Block lunch, and after the 3:00 PM dismissal dell. No cell phone use will be allowed during an instructional block, and phones should be kept in a secure location.

  2. No head covering of any sort will be allowed to be worn. This includes hats, bandanas, and scarves.  

  3. No earbuds or headphones will be allowed to be worn in the hallways. Students may possess these items, but use during an instructional block is at the discretion of each individual teacher.

  4. Leggings may be worn, but shirts must cover the bottom. If shorts are worn over the leggings, the shorts must be consistent with dress code length which is no more than three inches from the knee.

  5. Holes in jeans must follow dress code, exposing no skin more than three inches above the knee.

  6. Pants are to be worn at the waist.


We would request parents address each of the aforementioned with their child to aid in avoiding the issuance of a punitive consequence.


In service,

Jason R. Kouns