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These Blue Devils are Ready to Work!



These Blue Devils are ready to work!

Through an educational partnership with Elbert County Comprehensive High School and the ABB Group, three ECCHS seniors have been granted an Internship opportunity after graduation. This Internship Program will allow the students to experience various departments within the manufacturing industry during a summer trial session, with the possibility of full employment after successful completion of the work period. The students will be encouraged to attend a post secondary institution beginning in the fall with support from ABB with time released for identified courses, possible post secondary apprenticeship programs with local technical colleges, and opportunities for tuition reimbursement after successful work experiences. The three seniors chosen for this opportunity by the ABB Group include Robert “Trey” Duck, Abby McCurley, and Cameron Fortson. Junior Ny’Kearia Goss was also chosen to participate in internship opportunities next year as a ECCHS Senior through the Work Based Learning program.
CTAE Director Kim Fuller and Welding Instructor Casey Freeman partnered with ABB Representation, Brad Thompson/Plant Manager, Neill Segrest/HRBP, Jason Cochran/Training Supervisor, and Jeff Burden/LSA /Safety Specialist, in the building of this career initiative for students. Through the first introductory meeting, Mr. Thompson and the ABB Team expressed the desire to support all of our students and our community workforce by creating employment awareness and opportunities in hopes of providing a more skilled worker. Beyond just employment, the ABB Team also desires to work closely with ECCHS in providing awareness of the career opportunities available and help with our mission of student focus and a successful drive towards graduation. Throughout this school year, ABB Group has sent representatives to speak to our students and instructors of industry related CTAE pathway courses. They also participated in our ECCHS Career Day and interacted with students on skill sets and career opportunities within their industry. ABB representatives also came on our school site to participate in mock interviews with work based learning students, as well as provided educational tours of their Athens facility.
Pictured with our seniors as they signed their letters of intent this afternoon are ECCHS Principal, Jason Kouns; ECSD Superintendent, Chuck Bell; ABB Training Supervisor, Jason Cochran; ABB LSA/Safety Specialist, Jeff Burden; CTAE Director, Kim Fuller; Welding Pathway Instructor, Casey Freeman; WBL Coordinator, Deana Crook; and Graduation Coach, Rhonda Driver.
Congratulations to these three Blue Devils! Trey, Abby, and Cameron, we are SO proud of each of you! #HornsUp on being #WorkReady! 💙🤘🏾

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