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Blue Devil Pride for our 2019-20 Grad Rates!

JK_Together It is with tremendous pride and excitement that I share the news released today by the State of Georgia Department of Education.

ECCHS continues to present itself as a pathway for student success and that can be directly attributed to the hard work of the ECCHS Faculty and Staff, to the commitment for academic excellence by our students, and through the trust and partnership of the Elberton community at large.

With the State Graduation Rate at 83.8%, ECCHS has once again surpassed the state level and we continue to build on the success we have achieved thus far.

ECCHS Graduation Rates are as follows:

2015-2016 (4 Year 72.7%)

2016-2017 (4 Year 82.8%)

2017-2018 (4 Year 81.86%) (5 Year 83.5)

2018-2019 (4 Year 90.5%) (5 Year 88.9%)

2019-2020 (4 Year 87%) (5 Year 93.5%)

This is a testament to the hard work accomplished by all Faculty within the ECSD, and there is no question, we are Blue Devil proud! #HornsUp

Jason R. Kouns