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Steve McCurry art donated!

We are so excited to have some new art hanging on ECPS’ walls! We are so grateful to Mr. Massoud Besharat of the Besharat Arts Foundation for his generous donation of photographs to share with the ECPS and ECES families. All of the photographs provided were taken by artist and renowned National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry. Each picture is just one piece of a much larger exhibition called, “Faces of Innocence.” The photographs within McCurry’s exhibition depict children from all over the world.
This is a great opportunity to not only enrich our students overall education, but it is also a great chance to broaden our students’ understanding and perspective of the world around them. It is our hope that students will begin to make connections with and recognize differences between the children within the photos and their own selves.

A special thank you again to the Besharat Foundation for this wonderful opportunity and to Luis Perez from the Besharat Foundation who kindly hung all of the art!…