Google Classroom- How to use

press release

We have exciting news! Elbert County Primary School is now a 1to1 school with chromebook technology! Our technology department and school district leaders have been working diligently to ensure this happens. 

What does this mean for you as parents/guardians?

In the event that your student's classroom is quarentined at home, or the student is quarentined, or the district changes to Virtual Learning, they will be allowed to utilize this technology at home in order to access the daily curriculum from school. 

Every student in the Elbert County School District has access to his/her Google Suite. Inside this suite is Google Classroom, in which the students use for distance learning while away from the physical building during the school year. These virtual classrooms are designed and maintained by each homeroom teacher of ECPS.

To learn more about how to use student Chromebooks and the Google Classroom CLICK HERE.
*An Internet connection is required. 

Video instructions for Chromebook access. 

Using and pinning the camera to the tast bar. 

Chromebook Offline mode for weak Internet connection.

Other helpful chromebook topics. 

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